the image seen around the world

The whole idea for the Freeze started when I was sitting

with a group friends waiting on our girls to finish dance

class...we joked that we should start a softball team with a

Frozen theme. We were going to be called the Sparkling

Elsas and then the Freeze was thrown out and we knew it was

the name for us! We laughed about uniform ideas, recruited

friends to coach, asked Elsa-loving girls to play and the

Freeze was born. Our girls were 4-5 years old playing

some girls as old as 7, so we just approached the season as

a way to have fun, get the girls some softball experience

and look really cute doing it along the way.  

The girls improved with each game, we only practiced a few

times and my dream for an Elsa picture kept growing. I

laughed with some of the Moms on the team, told them my idea

and they were all on board. So, we planned a date,

prayed the rain would stay away, gathered up the Elsa

dresses and met at the University of Central Oklahoma's

softball field. We did traditional pictures and then

put the Elsa dresses and eye black on the girls. Keep in

mind that this was one of the hottest days we have had that

summer and these little girls were in some pretty warm

dresses! The parents helped get the girls in position, I did

a few test shots and between giggles and a few silly faces,

the image you see was the winning shot. I was on the ground

trying to get a lower angle while the parents were behind me

helping to get the "serious, tough girl" faces. I am sure we

were quite a sight!

I think every photographer/artist out there falls into a

daily battle of comparing our work to those around us. 

I had just been dealing with that...we are

saturated with ideas and other images between Facebook,

Pinterest, Twitter, IG, etc... I am the world's finest at

thinking I am not good enough and should just hang up my hat

and call it good. And then, this image happened and

spread like wildfire. In the midst of it all, I am

remembering why I started, to get images of my own children

so when they are grown and have kids or grandkids of their

own, they have some great memories to share. God has allowed

me to go on this fun little journey and for that I am

humbled and grateful. Photography is such a timeless gift-

moments in time frozen forever. Capturing great images of my

own children turned into capturing memories for family and

friends and Betsy Gregory Photography was born. I don't

claim to know everything or even a drop of what some

know about photography, but I do know one thing, I love

people and the chance to give them a moment in time. 

The response to the Freeze image was overwhelming to

say the least. I am forever indebted to those that

have took time to share what really started as a joking

matter! Special thanks to all who took time to share the image and the many

companies who sent the girls free goodies!